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Dazzling Princess Parties Information/update regarding COVID-19:

As of June 12, 2020, phase two of the Alberta Business Relaunch occurred. Dazzling Princess Parties are thrilled to announce that we are now able to relaunch in-person princess parties!

To ensure health and safety for our hosts, guests, and our performers, the following changes have been made to our parties for the time being to ensure a safe and magical experience for all:

-Due to the City of Calgary Face Covering Bylaw, if a party is being held indoors the performer can wear a mask. On private residence it is NOT mandatory and is at the discretion of the home-owner and princess. This matter can be discussed with our requests manager when booking your party!


-However, we will always be happy to remove our masks for magical photo opportunities


-Performers will be only attending one party per day.


-Costumes, wigs, and activity items will be sanitized after each party.


-Before and after entering the party performers will use hand sanitizer.


-Performers are encouraged to maintain physical distancing of 2 m/6 ft.


-As they are very close contact activities, our tattoos and mini makeovers have been temporarily replaced with other activities such as dancing, games, etc.


-Princesses will NOT be booked for parties within 14 days of traveling outside of/returning to Canada.


We ask our guests to please:

-Host the party outside (if weather permits).


-Please use hand sanitizer frequently and before and after any use of our items (kids too please!)


-Keep in mind physical distancing for our performers, yourself and any little ones.


-Please do not attend a party within 14 days of traveling outside of/returning to Canada.


Dazzling Princess Parties is happy to work with you to ensure the health, safety and magic of your party!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines, we look forward to adding magic to your event!


Have a dazzling day!

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