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Dazzling Princess Parties Information/update regarding COVID-19:

Here we go again....


We would like to thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and understanding throughout the changes in regards to the crazy roller coaster that has been princessing through Covid-19 the last few years.


With the new temporary restrictions implemented by the government of Alberta, the AB government website reads:

"Mandatory restriction – Updated December 21

Indoor social gatherings

  • Indoor private social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people 18 and older.

  • There are no limits on people 17 and under if accompanied by their parent or guardian. It attending the gathering by themselves, they will count towards the maximum limit of 10 people.

  • The indoor gathering restriction does not apply to mutual support groups, or to workers who need to access your home to provide caregiving support or home repairs and maintenance.

Outdoor social gatherings

  • Outdoor private social gatherings limited to a maximum of 20 people, with 2 meter physical distancing between households at all times.



We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time of a global pandemic. 

We are doing the very best we can for you ♡

To ensure health and safety for our hosts, guests, and our performers, the following changes have been made to our parties for the time being to ensure a safe and magical experience for all:

-ALL Princess performers are vaccinated.


-Costumes, wigs, and activity items will be sanitized after each party.


-Before and after entering the party performers will use hand sanitizer.


-As they are very close contact activities, our tattoos and mini makeovers have been temporarily replaced with other activities such as dancing, games, etc.


-Princesses will NOT be booked for parties within 14 days of traveling outside of/returning to Canada.

We ask our guests to please:

-Host the party outside (if weather permits).

-Provide proof of vaccine for any adults *ONLY IF you are looking to book an indoor event.

-Please use hand sanitizer frequently and before and after any use of our items (kids too please!)

-Keep in mind physical distancing for our performers, yourself and any little ones.

-Please do not attend a party within 14 days of traveling outside of/returning to Canada.

Dazzling Princess Parties is happy to work with you to ensure the health, safety and magic of your party!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these guidelines, we look forward to adding magic to your event!

Have a dazzling day!

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